• 37 Million Incontinent Seniors

    A report from the National Center for Health Statistics detailing the extent of the problem of urinary incontinence in senior citizens was picked up by Judith Graham of the New York Times this week (  Data suggest that 37 million seniors who live independently suffer from incontinence...

  • Dr. Payne is an Invited Participant in an International Meeting Organized By the American Pain Society

    Dr. Payne is an invited participant in an international meeting organized by the American Pain Society to develop a new classifcation system for pelvic/visceral pain, Annapolis, MD. He will be working as a member of the group on Visceral, Pelvic and Urogenital Pain.

  • Chronic pelvic pain meets late night TV

    Drs. Potts & Payne co-direct an instructional course entitled "Chronic pelvic pain meets late night TV" at the annual meeting of the American Urologic Association, Orlando, FL.