World Continence Week / Bladder Diary Day

August 11, 2014

This is the International Continence Society's World Continence Week.  The goal is to bring the attention of the public and health authorities to the enormous prevalence of bladder problems, especially urinary incontinence.  Dr. Payne has recently been elected as a Trustee of the ICS.

One project is Bladder Diary Day.  The goal is specifically to learn more about normal bladder function; we have a relative paucity of evidence about normal as almost all bladder studies are performed on patients suffering from some disorder.  If you feel that your bladder function is normal please follow the link below and submit a 24 hour record of the time and amount of each urination.  If you suffer from incontinence or other bladder problems perhaps a family member or friend would be willing to support you by participating.  The information will be very useful and will almost certainly be published in a medical journal.