What's Happening at Vista: September 2015 Edition

September 28, 2015

In April, Dr. Potts was invited to lecture at the Annual Convention of the Colegio Mexicano de Urologia, held in Acapulco. Her presentations conjured much discussion about the value of thorough and methodical clinical evaluation for urological infections, and especially the complex diagnosis of pelvic and genital pain disorders.


Dr. Potts continues to direct a course at the annual American Urological Association conference, pertaining to chronic pelvic pain disorders. This year, her three hour course focused solely on male pelvic pain disorders. She introduced a reframing of the diagnosis so that physicians and patients could break free of a prostate-centric approach to this otherwise very broad and complicated disorder.

Guest speakers included, Dr. Rhonda Kotarinos, who shared her perspectives on referred pain caused by musculoskeletal, connective tissue and Myofascial abnormalities. Dr. Stanley Antolak, provided a focused yet comprehensive overview of pudendal nerve entrapment syndromes. Dr. Dean Tripp shared valuable insights into gender specific psychosocial challenges, which impact our evaluation and care of men with pelvic pain syndromes. Dr. Christopher Payne surprised the audience with his perspectives on interstitial cystitis, which he titled, "Men Have Bladders Too." Dr. Potts wrapped up the course with one of her favorite topics- prostatitis- urology's brand of functional somatic syndrome (or Central Sensitization Syndrome).



This was an unexpected tribute to Dr. Potts and the many years she has been fighting with the Prostatitis Mafia.


Dr Potts has completed her fourth textbook, to be released in early 2016 by Springer Press! From head to Toe: A men's Health Primer


In June, Dr. Payne was invited to the inauguration of a gynecological training program at the University of Mekelle in Ethiopia. As part of the international faculty heralding from US, Ghana and England, Dr. Payne provided instruction and training in neurourology, urodynamics and female urological surgery to the young Ethiopian physicians.


Latest Research

  • Dr. Potts is currently researching the impact of CSS on male pelvic pain
  • Dr. Potts is collaborating with former family medicine colleague to assess value of genogram formulation in general urology patients and CPP patients
  • Dr. Payne is an active member of ESSIC- a European based international think tank, dedicated to improving the research, evaluation and care of patients suffering from IC /BPS
  • Dr. Payne is highly sought after as a consultant for several medical device and pharmacological companies
  • He is on the advisory boards of Simon Foundation, Interstitial Cystitis Association, board member of Worldwide Fistula Foundation and Danja Fistula Center
  • Dr. Payne and Dr. Potts are regular reviewers for several urological journals including, Journal of Urology, Urology, European Urology, Brazilian Urology, and Neurourology