July News

July 16, 2018


The Balancing Act, a morning show that brings cutting-edge ideas to today's on-the-go, modern woman to help balance and enrich her life every day, had a segment that focused on understanding Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome (IC/BPS). They highlighted the importance of accurate information about IC/BPS to increase awareness, provide the best path to diagnosis, and elevate the importance of this disease. Dr. Payne and his patient, Stacy Carnazzo, shared their medical and personal experience with IC/BPS.

Watch the video segment here»

Dr. payne in mekelle, ethiopia

Dr. Payne, together with a team established by Dr. Lewis Wall, have created a Uro-gynecology fellowship program which was initiated 4 years ago at Mekelle University in Ethiopia.

Here is Dr. Payne, participating in the annual conference in June, as lecturer at the university, where the newly minted fellows also share their research.

dr. potts in mekelle

During the annual Mekelle Unversity conference, Dr. Potts spent several days working with these wonderful gentlemen, the only urologists in the Tigre region.

Dr. Potts was charged with helping develop the urodynamics laboratory and to assist in teaching of some outpatient procedures. Here she performs a retrograde urethrogram for the radiology residents.

Dr. potts at stanford sex diversity

Dr. Potts lectures at Stanford course on Sexual Function & Diversity, directed by Dr. Marcia Stefanick.

Did you know:
- Over half of patients are not informed about sexual side effects of medications or procedures.
- The lack of attention to sexual side effects is even greater for patients who are elderly, especially for females.
- One of the greatest obstacles for sex in the elderly is the judgement or disapproval from their adult children.
- Today, nearly twice as many persons over 70 report being sexually active, compared to 20 years ago!

Each year, the course covers topics ranging from LGBTQ issues, pornography and paraphilias. 

Over the past four years, Dr Potts has presented two lectures: the Sexual impact of urological procedures: from circumcision, vasectomy to biopsy and prostatectomy. And, Tango at any age: Male sexuality after 70.
Currently, especially in California’s Bay Area, there are efforts to expand the spectrum of sexual awareness and compassion. Dr Potts believes that the elderly, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, continue to be excluded from this conversation. She wishes future health care professionals will apply similar thoughtfulness and sensibilities toward older patients, as they would toward other historically ignored populations. 
We are all learning that it is not okay to “yuck someone else’s yum.” Dr Potts hopes we will stop the culturally acceptable practice of “yucking” or disrespectfully ignoring sex in the elderly.