Dr Potts Releases Her 5th Book

January 27, 2016

Special thanks to Dr. Eric Klein, for making these publishing opportunities possible!

Dr Potts Releases 5th Book

This all began in 2000, when Dr. Eric Klein*, Chair of the Glickman Urological Institute of the Cleveland Clinic, introduced me to the Chief editor of Humana Press. He invited me to create and develop a textbook, later entitled, Essential Urology, to convey my perspective as an office based urologist. This book is dedicated to my children, Bradley and Ellen, and my mentors, Dr. Joanthan Ross and Dr. Elroy Kursh.

After completing the tasks of composing, writing and inviting contributors, I also had to create the index, check references and perform overall edits on the texts. The hardest job was making harsher reminders to some straggling, albeit, much beloved contributors. I didn’t think I’d ever want to do this again.

Then came the second textbook, GU-itis: Genitourinary Pain and Inflammation. This book began as a sketch I had made, fantasizing about a book cover that would contain all the aspects of my career passion: Urological Pelvic Pain. As I fantasized, I penciled in a tentative table of contents. Bearing coffee stains and a few crumples, I presented this unorthodox proposal to Dr. Klein, who then shared it with Humana/Springer Press. I dedicated this textbook to my patients.

My other passion is Tango dancing. I had kept a journal of dance move mechanics and realized I had been composing spiritual reflections alongside, in the margins. The tango dance became a metaphor for my relationships as a physician, as a mother and as a friend. I humbly presented a proposal for a Tango cookbook for men to the Cleveland Clinic Press and ended up divulging my more personal journal. This became Tango: Lessons for Life. I was very honored to be one of only 26 authors ever published by the Cleveland Clinic Press. This book was emblematic of this great institution’s progressive approach to medicine and healing. Their support and enthusiasm over my book was a genuine example of “putting one’s money where his mouth is.” This book is dedicated to my children and to their great grandmother, from whom I received the chromosomes for dance, healing and cuisine!

Eric and Mr. Hruska approached me a few later, to consider a second edition to the very popular Essential Urology. This book is dedicated to my beloved husband, Dr. Christopher Payne, who acted as “pinch hitter” on a chapter or two, when original contributors became unavailable. But even more importantly, as this work was done during our sabbatical, he was my constant cheerleader while we worked and traveled in Africa and Argentina.

When we returned from the sabbatical, I proposed yet another book (really? I did!): A Men’s Health Primer. I wanted this book to be for men and the women who care about them. Springer Press asked me to reconsider, as they were not in the business of publishing books for lay public. Thanks to Mr. Hruska’s uncanny negotiating technique and Mr. Wade Grayson’s charming and agile administrative skills, I began yet another textbook project. It would not have been possible if my dear friends and colleagues hadn’t helped. For this I am extremely grateful! This book is dedicated to my patients as well.

On that note, I’d like to share one of my recent epiphanies. We may think we are being educated when we attend conferences, but the most valuable CME’s come from listening to our patients. I’ve listened to thousands of patients, and this continues to nurture and burnish my diagnostic acumen.