Dr Christopher Payne - Blogger Of The Month For Worldwide Fistula Fund

August 24, 2016

Christopher Payne Blogger Or The Month Worldwide Fistula Fund

Dr. Christopher Payne was chosen as the Blogger Of The Month for the Worldwide Fistula Fund for his discussion on improving child birth safety and the importance to educate the next generation of African doctors. Here is a sample of that blog:

I came across the above quote in an editorial entitled, “Improving Birth Outcomes Key to Improving Global Health”. Of course, these studies are mostly performed in developed nations, focusing on reducing inappropriate C-sections. What a contrast we find in the developing world. The women served by WFF are fortunate to have access to even basic prenatal care. They place their lives at risk just by becoming pregnant and anticipating the natural labor process. Should they develop obstructed labor, access to a life-saving C-section will be many hours and miles away, if available at all.

Worldwide Fistula Fund

In addition to providing surgical care for women injured in childbirth, WFF is also addressing the broader issue of prevention. I recently returned from my June trip to Mekelle, Ethiopia where, with the help of a WFF grant, the medical school will graduate its first class of five resident doctors in Obstetrics & Gynecology in January 2017. Having met these fine young people, I can assure you that you will be proud to have supported their training. It is gratifying to know that these graduates will join the current OB-GYN faculty, which should have a great impact on medical student education in the near future. Ethiopia has made a huge commitment to increase the number of doctors, and the medical schools are full of students eager to learn.

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