Bladder Health Month: Topic #2--Nocturia

November 28, 2016


No lower urinary tract symptom is more bothersome than nocturia (getting up at night to urinate).  And yet, family physicians, gynecologists, urologists, and other specialists consistently either ignore or mistreat nocturia.  Nocturia is not one disease but a single symptom that can result from a wide variety of underlying disorders.  A great deal of progress has been made in diagnosing the cause of nocturia but few patients seem to have benefitted from the new knowledge.

While most cases of nocturia are approached as if it were a bladder or prostate issue, non-urological causes are far more common. It is estimated that 80% of nocturia is caused by nocturnal polyuria. Nocturnal polyuria has an extensive list of causes—many of which are related to serious health issues.

Are you bothered by nocturia?  Has your doctor done a careful history and physical to determine the cause?  Have you collected a home bladder diary to document your bladder function?  Has your Nocturnal Polyuria Index been calculated?  If not, we can help.