Metabolic syndrome

The Metabolic Syndrome is a condition which predisposes persons to Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 and cardiovascular disease. It is usually associated with being overweight. If you have three of the following, you may have Metabolic Syndrome (MetS):

  • Central Obesity (a waist circumference >40 inches)
  • Blood pressure >130/85
  • Fasting blood sugar >100
  • Triglycerides >150
  • HDL <40 (for women, <50)

(Waist circumference in women with METs IS >35 inches; in Canada, however, the criteria for waist measurement is lower for both men and women; 36 and 32 inches, respectively.)

Besides predisposing a person to diabetes, heart disease, heart attacks and strokes, MetS has also been correlated to higher risk of cancer, dementia and general accelerated aging.

For men, there are significant urological implications:

  • Higher risk of prostate cancer
  • Increased risk of higher grade (more aggressive) prostate cancers
  • Urinary problems due to prostate enlargement and/or bladder dysfunction
  • Increased risk of kidney stones
  • Low testosterone
  • Increased risk of sexual dysfunction
  • Infertility

And, as obesity and MetS increase in prevalence, so have these conditions become more common and, alarmingly among younger men too.

Treating MetS can favorably impact all organ systems of the body and help to prevent many serious medical conditions. Weight loss and exercise are the cornerstone of treatment. Many patients require individualized care in order to achieve sustainable results.

At Vista Urology, we address the whole person. Urological concerns in the setting of Metabolic Syndrome require a definitive diagnosis and a management strategy that will address all of these. Our goal is to treat people, not just diseases.