Frequently Asked questions

Do you accept insurance?

No. We are out-of-network for all patients and we are opted out of Medicare.

Why aren't you contracted with insurance or taking Medicare?

The service codes allowable by insurance or Medicare do not recognize the level of care that we provide at Vista Urology. Our initial consultation is usually 75-90 minutes in length and is conducted face-to-face with the doctor alone — no medical assistant, nurse practitioner, or student. We carry out a very thorough interview and comprehensive physical examination. We establish a personalized management plan and correspond with primary and referring doctors. By practicing the way we do, we avoid unnecessary and costly tests and procedures.

How can I pay for my consultation?

Patients can use their Health Savings Account (HSA) at the time of the visit. Others pay with check or credit card and submit our receipt (a superbill) to their insurance company for potential out-of-network reimbursement. Depending on an individual's policy, he/she may receive a reimbursement that ranges from all to only a small fraction of the fee. Patients with Medicare as a primary insurer cannot submit the receipt for reimbursement. Because of our status, it is prohibited by the government.

What if I need a procedure?

Our fees are not inflated and are entirely transparent. Also, we do not charge the customary additional fees known as "facility fees". Indeed, most of our patients, especially those who are uninsured, find our fees refreshing and accessible. As explained previously, the receipts for procedure payments can be sent to your insurance company for out-of-network coverage.

What if I live out of state or am coming from another country?

Our clinic is a destination practice, which means that we serve a large number of patients who travel from afar for their care. We have many years of experience in coordinating care in order to provide an efficient and cost-effective visit.

As is the case for all patients, we have direct communication by email or phone before the appointment so that we may best orchestrate the particular needs of each patient in preparation for their visit. We do our best to coordinate other pertinent specialty consultations when necessary. Furthermore, patients traveling to our clinic from afar are provided with an extended 120 minute initial consultation.

For more travel and hotel information, visit our "Out of Town?" page.

Do you offer telemedicine services?

We offer telemedicine consultations by phone or video for follow-up appointments only.  Initial examinations must be conducted in our clinic. If your symptoms are not improving or are getting worse, you will be required to come in person for a follow-up appointment.